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Our Story

When the Amazon Alexa voice interface product was opened to developers in 2015, Ask My Buddy co-founders Pat and Sheryl Coggins began to think of the possibilities. What if they could use this to provide security for their own parents who had experienced falling at home while being completely alone? They began designing, but before completing a working version, Pat found himself on the floor at 3AM bleeding internally and losing consciousness. Fortunately, he was able to yell to wake his wife, Sheryl, who called 911, but what if he had been alone? This was the proof of concept and also proved that it wasn't just age or pre-existing health issues that made Ask My Buddy necessary – This is something everyone needs!

We went to work and on November 13, 2015, we were thrilled to be one of the first 30 skills available on Amazon Alexa. We're honored to have received many accolades along the way, but our greatest may be when Pat received a 2018 AARP® Purpose Prize® Fellowship Award.

We now have over 165,000 users who combine the security of voice activated Ask My Buddy alert system with the incredible variety of possible ways to interact with voice technology as a whole. Users can use the same device and method of interaction to play mind sharpening games, set reminders or alarms, listen to the radio, news broadcasts, or even listen to books. As Pat says, “There are many tools available for summoning help, but the most valuable alert method is the one that is accessible when needed."

What our customers think

I am a 56-year old quadriplegic Marine vet with M.S. and I rely heavily on Alexa and Ask My Buddy to get help from nurses and aides as I am in a nursing home. Without these I cannot get help. Thank you! 
– Nolan S. Bates, Springs Nursing Home, Muskogee, OK

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