Ask My Buddy

Personal Alert ⨁ Network

Inexpensive and easy to setup

Voice assistant devices are inexpensive so you can have them in multiple rooms. They can play music, turn lights on and off, answer questions, and of course, if something should happen just say 'Ask My Buddy to send help'.

How long before help arrives?

If you have an emergency and can't reach your phone or press a button, just use your voice. Ask My Buddy on Amazon Alexa and Google Home can assist you by alerting your Personal Alert Network.

Don't be a statistic, create your own Personal Alert Network

More than 50,000 people will be home alone this year and need assistance. Will someone you know be next? Just 'Ask My Buddy to Send Help'.

New Premium features: Send Help with Reason and Location

You can Ask My Buddy about Premium and get the ability to let Contacts know what you need help with Just 'Ask My Buddy to Send Help, I've fallen off a ladder and can't get up!'

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Friends or Family and First Responders are just a shout away with Ask My Buddy

Ask My Buddy, Personal Alert Network, is a service available on Amazon Alexa and Google Home / Assistant voice platforms. Ask My Buddy enables voice assistants such as these to send a ‘check on me’ or ‘I’m OK’ notification to a user’s Personal Alert Network, just by using their voice. If you already own an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device, with Internet, no additional or special equipment is required, you don't even need a phone since all voice calls, text messages, and e-mail originate from our service. When you ask for help we make a voice call, send a text message, and email to each of your predesignated contacts. This is not a replacement for emergency services, but an additional tool in case you can't reach your phone or press an alert button.

The most valuable alert method is the one that is accessible when you need it.

'Alexa, Ask My Buddy to Send Help'

'Hey Google, Ask My Buddy to Send Help'

'Hey Cortana, Ask My Buddy to Send Help'

Introducing a new way to reach 911 / Emergency services!

Every second counts in an emergency. With our new Buddy Assist feature you can send a help request to local emergency first responders (police, fire, medical) via voice command. Remove the burden from your loved ones and instead allow highly trained and certified experts to monitor your safety and send help to you when you need it most. When an alert is triggered via Buddy Assist, a team of dispatch agents will contact 911 on your behalf and provide them with the critical information they need to get you the fastest, prioritized response.

Buddy Assist, is POWERED BY Noonlight, a trusted emergency response technology company that’s backing some of the smartest home, health, and lifestyle products in the IoT market. This service is currently being offered to our Premium and Ultimate subscription users free of charge.

Click here to read more about Buddy Assist

What does it do?

Cool T-Shirts

Get your AskMyBuddy Reminder T-Shirt. Large bold text printed upsidedown so you can read it at a glance.

What does it do?

What does it do?

Ask for help on Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Microsoft Cortana Devices. Alert your Personal Alert Network using your voice. Check out our AskMyBuddy YouTube Channel. to see it in action.

Getting Started

Getting Started

There are 2 parts to setting up My Buddy. Create your account here and setting up your contacts and linking your voice assistant device with My Buddy. Click here for the Getting Started guide.



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